So, what do you do?
— Everybody

Every living organism on earth -bacteria, yeast, human, etc.- has a genome, albeit diversely endowed with abilities and phenotypes. The genome of an organism only represents the organism’s genetic potential. However, when placed into the context of other genomes from different organisms of different species that presumably evolved at different times, we learn the evolutionary history of a species genetic potential. Using bioinformatic tools and programming languages (Perl & Python) I am able to decode the stories contained within genomic heiroglyphs: gains, losses, fusions, and of course the birth of complex networks; the stories of evolution.  I am a genomic historian, currently tracing the evolutionary history of a novel alternative splicing network that was assembled in Drosophila.


the O l l i G I S T

Olli-gist like the suffix "ologist", one who studies. The site's name is a tribute to my general MO; approaching my other many interests with the same curiosity that pervades my work as a biologist.

I hope you enjoy the site.